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Lessons with Peter Klepacz

Lessons with Peter Klepacz

Whether an expert or a beginner, enjoy lessons with an experienced PGA Professional.

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Club Repair

Club Repair

Club repair

Some golf clubs are loved and cherished, others live more colourful lives. Close encounters with trees, run over by golf carts, you know the kind of thing. Fortunately, we offer all the club repair facilities you’d expect along with a very fast and comprehensive regripping service.


A secure hold of the golf club is vital for shot accuracy. If you play 3 or 4 times a month, we recommend you have your clubs re-gripped each year. We stock a wide range of top quality grips from Gold Pride and Eaton and can often supply branded replacements that match the original grips fitted to your club. Our fitting service is free and wherever possible we’ll do it while you wait. Grips can cost as little as £3 each.


  • Broken Shafts? (accident or on purpose?)
  • Replacing old shafts?
  • Performance upgrades?

We can supply and fit shafts from all the main manufactures including Apollo, True Temper and Aldila. We can simply perform a straight replacement or perhaps recommend a new improved type of shaft that could lengthen your drivers.

Reshafting work is always undertaken by PGA professionals and expert club repairers, and as always we are only too happy to help and advise.

Length, Loft & Lie Adjustment

Bought a set of clubs without being measured? Aren’t sure if your clubs are correctly adjusted? Call into Peter Klepacz golf shop today and our club fitters will be happy to check your measurements and discuss the options. Any adjustments needed will be subject to a small charge.

Club refurbishment

Do you love that tired looking old club that’s been in your bag for years but always manages to save you shots round after round? No need to replace it just yet! Our high quality refurbishment service will bring your rusty clubs back to looking like brand new again and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Full sets can be refurbished too, including: polishing, repainting and rebadging.

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Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting

Golf club custom fitting

The importance of using the best equipment for your golf game cannot be over emphasised. Consistency, distance, trajectory, control and accuracy are all affected by the use of unsuitable equipment.

Recently, golf club technology has dramatically changed. Club heads are now bigger and more user friendly than ever before, allowing YOU to hit the ball consistently further and straighter.

Using modern day equipment is essential, but it must be suitable for you. Standard clubs are available off the shelf, but there is no industry standard. Therefore to maximise your playing potential, you must use clubs that offer the playing characteristics you desire.

Your irons, driver, fairway woods, hybrids and wedges must be the correct:

  • Design
  • Loft
  • Shaft flex
  • Length
  • Lie angle
  • Grip thickness

Irons and Rescue clubs must be the best club and number combinations for you!

Custom Fitting – How important is it that your clubs suit you?

Selecting the correct club head design to best compliment YOUR game is essential. Once this is achieved, custom fitting the club(s) to ensure they suit YOU is essential.


The correct shaft is vital, as this enables the ball to travel further with more control, optimising launch angle and controlling ball spin rate.

Launch Angle

Launch Angle is the angle the ball leaves the clubface in relation to the ground at impact. It is identified during the first half of the ball’s flight. To maximise distance this must be optimised. The diagram shows the ideal launch angle and demonstrates how too high or too low a launch angle affects distance:

Spin Rate

Spin rate is the amount of backspin and sidespin imparted on the ball at impact, which affects distance and accuracy. It is visually identified during the second half of the ball’s flight.

This diagram demonstrates how optimum spin and launch conditions results in optimum distance.

A low trajectory occurs, when there is not enough backspin on the ball. This causes the ball to fall quickly, losing distance. When the ball flies too high, it has too much backspin, reducing distance, as the ball starts too low, then quickly climbs upwards and drops. The ideal type of shaft (steel or graphite) and flex for a player varies according to their swing speed, ball flight and swing characteristics.

Kick Point

This is the point where the shaft bends during the forward swing. Players with a slow club head speed generally benefit from a lower kick point, which helps get the ball into the air more easily, resulting in a higher trajectory, longer carry and greater distance.

The positions on a shaft of a high and low kick point.


The correct level of torque helps ensure the clubface is square at impact. It refers to the amount of rotation that occurs in a shaft. A value under 3 indicates low torque, so the shaft twists less, offering a harder feel.

Shaft Length

The correct length helps players consistently deliver central strikes, producing maximum ball speed and control. Longer shafts produce more club head speed, but consistency and control can be lost. A player’s address position, swing mechanics, ball striking, shot pattern, posture during their down swing, height, and wrist to floor measurement must be considered as this affects shaft length.

Iron impact locations

Driver impact locations

Lie Angle

With irons, once the correct shaft length has been determined, the lie angle must be established. This measures the angle between the sole of the club and the centreline of the shaft.

If a club is too upright, the ball starts left of the target. Too flat a lie results in the ball flying right. Therefore ensuring your clubs have the correct lie angle, gives you the best chance of hitting the ball straight!

Grip size

Grip size is important. The grip must feel comfortable, and fit your hand. Grip size can even reduce the effects of some swing faults.

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